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IRIC Strategy


To achieve the specific goals of the firm pertaining to product quality and adopt international standards as well as customer-centricity, the experienced specialists and experts of this firm developed the following strategy on how to offer products to customers and select reliable producers after years of gaining experience.


Whereas product quality plays the most important role in production, devoting attention to major international standards is on the agenda of this firm so that the customers would tangibly feel product quality after product processing or project implementation. Consequently, to adhere to this principle, IRIC Tejarat Paya has adopted a strict, meticulous policy for selecting producers from among accredited international organizations and firms.

Service quality

What has been of special interest to the firm staff with respect to the quality of services offered to the customers is product delivery speed, response speed, communication about the inquiries performed by customers, and finally responsibility toward customers.


Loyalty, long-time relationship, mutual understanding, satisfaction, trust and confidence have invariably been considered to be the firm’s main guideline regarding customer relationship pattern strongly highlighted by the founders of the firm.

IRIC Strategy


About IRIC

About Us

IRIC Tejarat Paya is a supplier and export firm that plays a major role in the field of petrochemical and chemical products and building materials in Asia, as well as in Europe and Africa. Relying on the knowledge and expertise of its staff and given its close ties with leading Iranian petrochemical and production companies, IRIC Tejarat Paya is actively working to procure, supply, and export various petrochemical substances and products with superior quality and international standards as well as the products of huge Iranian industries such as cement, iron, and ore along with providing expert consultation on all of the above-mentioned items. As an international enterprise, IRIC Tejarat Paya has an active, specialized commercial department that is well aware of conventional international rules and standards. As a result, the scope of activity of this firm is not limited to Asia, allowing the firm to stand by its customers all around the world.

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  info [at] iricpaya.com
  Unit 8, No. 137 Mina St. Mahdie St. Elahie St. Tehran, Iran 1914883499

Bitumen Grades

IRIC company is one of the biggest and main exporters of oil products in Iran. We sell and export best qualities of bitumen from the refiner products in the best price. IRIC company export and supply Iranian bitumen in multi-grades 60/70, 80/100, 85/25, 85/100, 40/50, 90/15 and emulsions bitumen 100% pure. National Iranian bitumen is considering having the best quality of bitumen.

  • 30/40
  • 40/50
  • 50/70
  • 60/70
  • 80/100
  • 85/100
  • 100/120
  • MC-250

Packing Types

IRIC company can supply different grades of bitumen with highest standard packing such as drums, bulk and polybags:

  • 180 Kg net weight, 110 drums in one 20” container
  • Bulk
  • Poly Bag 40Kg
  • Jumbo Bag 1000Kg
  • News Steel Drum Bulk

Terms of Delivery

Loading Port: Bandar Abbas / Imam Port

Pricing: Pricing is available due to FOB Bandar Abbas or CFR/CIF your destination port/city.

  • FOB-Bandar Abbas
  • FOB-Imam Khomeini